Hapless stray dog rescued after digging hole in sand and getting stuck

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ijj0naf9308px1r/VRP22483.mp4?dl=0

A hapless stray dog was rescued after digging a deep hole in a mound of sand and getting stuck under it in Thailand.

The pooch was playing with the construction materials piled at a graveyard site when it fell into the hole in Chonburi province on April 4.

Only its head was exposed while its body was trapped underground until a passing motorist noticed the animal crying.

Thipharat Nuchthongkham was riding her motorcycle upon hearing the dog whimpering and called on nearby residents to help her find it.

The sound led them into the part of the graveyard that was under renovation where they found the stray dog stuck under the sand.

As the dog appeared scared, the rider thought that it could bite them if they dug it out using bare hands so they looked for a tool for digging and found a hoe.

She then used the hoe to remove sand around the animal while keeping a safe distance between them while she was digging.

When it was finally freed, Thipharat said the male dog quickly ran away but the residents had left some water nearby in case it returns.

She said: ‘After being released, the dog quickly ran away. I saw that it was a male aged around one-year-old. It appeared to be in shock and was scared when it saw us approaching.

‘He attempted to bite so we did not want to dig the soil while being close so we used the hoe. The sand would be used for the graveyard’s renovation. I think the dog was attracted to play in it.’