Fire crews battle wildfire adding to air pollution problem in northern Thailand


Wildfires that burned a rice field in northeastern Thailand have cause severe air pollution in the area.

 Fire crews rushed to the area in Bueng Kan province on April 2 after winds fanned the flames causing them to spread to nearby land.

The emergency services spent several hours battling the inferno, which scorched around five acreas of land and dstroyed nearby cable power wires causing electricity blackouts.

The fire also added to the haze problem in the province, which firefighters had been tackling the previous day by dousing other wildfires.

Even though the flames died out before they could reach the residential areas, the concentration of PM 2.5 dust particles quickly rose.

The record on April 2 showed that the fine dust concentration reached 86 microgrammes per cubic metre exceeding the safe standard of 50.