Unassuming dental clinic is decorated like an extravagant golden CAVE on the inside

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hplix4bvau83dqj/VRP22548.mp4?dl=0

An unassuming dental clinic is decorated like an extravagant golden cave on the inside in Thailand.

The Plakai Thing Talu Miti Dental Clinic has colourful artificial trees in the lobby which leads to a cave-like interior painted in gold in Ubon Ratchathani province.

A mini-waterfall leading to fountains around the clinic was also built inside so nervous patients would constantly hear the relaxing sound of flowing water.

The walls were painted with pictures of animals on a forest background as well as wall carvings depicting magnificent birds.

A tall Buddha statue was also placed at the main hall of the clinic surrounded by light blue ceilings imitating the colours of the sky.

To complete the nature experience animal noises were also played in the background drawing more younger patients to the unique clinic.

Dentist Mohul Sokphukhieo said today (April 7) the clinic’s design made to help him and his patients reconnect with nature even during working hours.

He said: ‘I was inspired by my love of nature so I turned the entire room into a cave. We couldn’t make it too realistic as my younger patients could get scared.

‘It took me five years before I completed the idea and named it my interdimensional golden cave as I love gold very much.

‘Aside from the colour, caves are one of my favourite places. When you are a dentist a calming environment is important. It helps patients to relax.’

The dentist added that his passion for nature started when he took up cultural dancing and singing before entering dentistry.

He said: ‘I used to dance and sing traditional Thai arts before I became a dentists. I think that was where I had the passion for nature from.’