Three stray kittens rescued after being found trapped in car’s rear bumper


This is the heartwarming moment three newborn kittens were rescued after being trapped in a car rear bumper in Thailand.

The driver noticed the moggies when he heard them crying while he was travelling to work in Bangkok on February 23 morning.

Driver Tongruk Nuttakorn said: ‘I was driving to work as normal when I started hearing cat noises. At first I thought it was from outside but the noise continued as I drove.’

Tongruk stopped by a repair shop so that mechanics could help him find where the kittens were and they found the trio sleeping in the car bumper.

He said: ‘I was shocked after seeing actual kittens inside my car. I knew they were meant to be with me the moment I saw them.’

The kittens were taken to the vet to receive proper care as they were only a week old. The moggies were later adopted by Tongruk and were named Tung-Ngen, Tung-Tong and Tung-Pet.