Wedding disaster! Storm blows over marquee on couple’s big day as rain batters Malaysia


This is the shocking moment a storm blew over a marquee during a wedding reception in Malaysia.

Event planner Mia Emylia had just finished decorating the tent with white and light purple cloth with her team when a sudden heavy downpour of rain hit Kampar Perak on April 5.

Just as ceremony was about to start, the bride and groom were forced to stay inside the house as the wind grew stronger.

When the heavy rain finally poured their guests ran to look for shelter as the thunderstorm battered the area during the event.

Some of the guests went to secure the tent with the help of the wedding organisers but the wind was too strong that it had blown away the structure.

Mia said the rain had stopped after half an hour as it was only a thunderstorm so they had to re-do the venue the best way they could.

She said: ‘This is one of the worst storms I have experienced. When the rain stopped we had to start building the venue again with the help of the guests. I am relieved we managed to finish the wedding.

‘The guests were all wet from the rain but I know they had a good time celebrating the special day of their loved ones with us. It was a memorable day.’