Mechanic shows his quick reactions by putting out motorcycle fire


A mechanic showed his quick reactions by putting out a motorcycle fire – while bungling colleagues tried to throw buckets of water on the flames.

CCTV footage shows two workers kick-starting the two-wheeler in their workshop in Phitsanulok province, Thailand on April 4.

However, some of the fuel spilled on the ground and ignited before engulfing the whole bike.

Onlooker Phantason Raksadaen said: ‘They all were so scared so they started pouring water all over the motorbike but the fire was not put out.’

After realising pouring buckets of water would not help, one of the men caught picked up the fire extinguisher then started spraying to stop the flames.

Phantason said: ‘The result could have been a lot worse. Fire extinguishers should be a requirement in every auto repair workshop.’