Truck loses brakes and flips over before hitting police station


This is the shocking moment an 18-wheeler truck lost its brakes and flipped over before hitting a police station.

CCTV footage shows the truck approaching a curve before toppling over and skidding along the road in Samut Songkhram province, central Thailand, on April 6.

The farm delivery truck spilled palm kernel shells over six patrol motorcycles parked in front of the station and then crashed into a police box.

Officers who were in front of the station at that time were all able to dodge and flee upon noticing the vehicle had lost control.

No one else was hurt aside from truck driver Sarawut Klahan, 29, who had to be taken out by paramedics from the vehicle as he suffered from chest injuries.

Sarawut said he was transporting the shells to Nakhon Pathom province from a local farm when his brakes failed and was not able to reduce the speed on the bend.

He said: ‘My brakes did not seem to work. I was about to slow down when approaching the bend but it failed so my truck lost balance and toppled over.’

Paramedics rushed the driver to the hospital for treatment while police examined the vehicle to find the cause of the accidents. They said the driver would be interviewed once he had been discharged from hospital.

Police Captain Niphat Korsakul said: ‘Our initial investigations showed that the brakes malfunctioned but we are still gathering more evidence. We will interview the driver once he is better.

‘Fortunately, no one else was injured. That road is located near a market and several people come to that place everyday.’