Little girl enjoys munching live worms like they are candies


Footage shows a little girl enjoying munching on live worms like they were candies in the Philippines.

The one-year-old girl Mayumi Faith picked up a fat coconut worm before popping it into her mouth in Surigao del Sur province on April 4.

Her approving parents even laid out a whole plate of the creepy crawlies for her to tuck into at luchtime.

Proud father, Juniel, 28, said the toddler learned to eat the worms when she was only eight-months-old.

He said: ‘My children are excited everytime we get the worms. They liked the taste even if we don’t cook the insects especially my youngest Mayumi. They are very healthy.’

Coconut worms are a popular dish in some rural parts of the Philippines. They are high in protein and safe for humans to eat.