Plucky stray cat named Sushi survives bite from deadly cobra


A super-strong stray cat survived being bitten by a COBRA after trying to chase the snake away from an office block in Thailand.

The white moggie named Sushi was found limping on the pavement after fighting with the reptile without success in front of the property in Bangkok on April 5.

Office worker Sathaporn Pearnon Sathaporn Pearnon, who had grown fond of the stray, noticed she was injured on one of her hind legs so he stopped to help the animal.

As he tried to lure the weak cat closer, he was shocked upon seeing the venomous cobra nearby spreading its hood appearing to be ready to attack.

Sathaporn said he escaped with the cat and rushed her to a nearby veterinary clinic before informing his co-workers about the snake outside their building.

He said: ‘This cat usually comes to our office during lunchtime so we give her some food. We named her Sushi because she was cute and gentle.

‘I noticed she was weak and injured so I went to have a look. I was shocked when I saw the cobra nearby. I realised the cat was bitten and could die any moment.’

The animal lover told medics what happened and gave the cat emergency treatment. She quickly stabilised and the snake venom was neutralised.

Vets were amazed that Sushi was able to withstand the venom for that long but they still required the stray to stay in their facility for three days.

Sathaporn thanked the vets and adopted the cat after it was discharged.

He added: ‘Sushi has been recovering and it seems like she is back to normal now. I think she will be a lot more careful if she sees a snake and run away instead of trying to fight it.’

The snake is believed to be a species of cobra known as a monocled cobra. Their venom is strong enough to kill a human with a single bite and they are responsible for thousands of deaths every year across Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.