Bizarre frog with the face of a turtle found on building site in Cambodia

A worker was amused after finding a ‘smiling’ bullfrog that looked like a bloated turtle on a construction site in Cambodia.

The man was working his backhoe excavator at a vacant lot in Phnom Penh when he heard strange sounds on January 7.

Fearing that the digger could kill the anima, he stopped the equipment for a moment and searched for the creature among the soil and rocks.

However, the worker was surprised when he found an unusual frog instead that almost looked like a turtle.

It had a round body with a wide back as if the frog’s back was turtle’s shell with a stone texture.

The little creature also had a bizarre-looking face that appears to be smiling.

Lim Khong, who lives in the area, passed by his neighbour who showed his rare find to him.

He took pictures of the delighted worker and the frog, which he believed was a lucky animal.

He said: ‘You will have to be lucky to find such a special creature once or twice a year.’

Lim added that the man had released the animal into a nearby pond and hoped it will breed more lucky babies.

He said: ‘The frog is bloated so I think it was pregnant with several eggs inside so we had to release it.’