Reservoir levels fall dangerously low after months of drought in northeastern Thailand


Water levels in reservoirs across northeastern Thailand have plunged following several months of severe drought.

Footage shows the Bueng Kraton lake in Nakhon Ratchasima province where only 1.25 million cubic metres of water remained today (April 9).

Struggling farmers were unable to pump water into their crop fields and warned that tap water could be soon cut from 300 households in the area.

The issue was caused by the drought that was more severe than usual and the amount of rainfalls were very low for a couple years.

Local farmer Sombat Nanok, 54, said: ‘This year is the most severe that I’ve experienced and the drought has happened very early compared with the previous years.

‘The area has suffered its lowest rainfall in two years and water was barely stored in the lake. We can already see the surface of earth.’

The lake covers 1,462 acres and has a capacity of 10 million cubic metres. Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha made plans to use the reservoir solve the drought issue in the area in 2017.

However, the lake has never been filled to the max capacity and the premier’s plan has never succeeded.