Mother cat refuses to leave baby’s grave for a week after kitten died from poisoning


A mother cat refused to leave her baby’s grave for a week after the kitten died from poisoning.

The moggie named Ligaw arrived home with the poisoned kitten Okle in her mouth in Nueva Vizcaya province, the Philippines on January 4.

Devastated pet owner Erlin Sumbillo said they buried the kitten in their backyard but his mother refused to leave and appeared heartbroken from the incident.

She said: ‘The kitten was poisoned by cruel people. Ligaw searched for the kitten when he disappeared and he was already dead when found.

‘Ligaw did not want to leave the grave and stayed with her baby after eating or hunting the area for food.’

Erlin added that the cat still sleeps near the grave until now so they placed a mat nearby so she would be comfortable.