Heroic pensioner dives into dirty flooded canal to remove trash blocking drain

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x36zmut3ls5qjps/VRP23391.mp4?dl=0

A heroic pensioner dived into the dirty water in a flooded canal to remove trash that was blocking the drain.

Footage shows the old man struggling to swim in the dark and smelly water without safety gear to pull out garbage from the bottom of the canal after heavy rain in Cebu province, the Philippines on March 31.

Onlooker Rhoie Allan Yncierto said he was shopping at the market when a tropical downpour caused flash floods after only a few minutes.

He said: ‘I was amazed by the oman’s initiative. It was very dangerous but he was not asking for anything in return. He just wanted to clear the dirty water. I hope people would understand the importance of proper waste disposal.’