Robot assistants that give directions, deliver food and clean rooms are shown off in Thailand


Awesome robot assistants that give directions and serve food were shown off at a technology fair in Thailand this week.

Footage shows the China-made BellaBot, which can express its emotion through a screen with cat face while delivering food to customers.

BellaBot’s stablemate Puductor is a robot cleaning machine which sprays mist disinfectant killing bacteria and viruses. It also has UV lights, which makers claim can zap Covid-19 and other coronaviruses.

Manufacturer Pudorobotics said: ‘Covid-19 has changed our way of living. No-contact operations will be crucial for the foreseeable future.’

The TIF expo shows of machinery, robotics, automation systems, industrial supplies, garment and printing technology and other digital innovations.

This year, the expo focused on technologies that reduce physical contact among humans for adapting to the current coronavirus pandemic. There were also meetings and presentations by leading manufacturers.