Machine bakes perfect mooncake at tech show in Thailand


A machine that makes perfect mooncakes was shown off at a technology fair in Thailand this week.

The UKi robot was presented at the Thailand Industrial Fair (TIF) 2021 which runs from April 6 to April 9 in Bangkok where industrial robots from around the world were displayed.

Footage shows how the mooncake machine can handle every step of the cake baking processing. It begins by mixing the dough and dispensing it onto a conveyor belt which sends it through two belts that press its shape.

Each piece of dough is then stamped with a traditional mooncake pattern which is normally leaves, flower, rabbits or a moon to represent the Moon Festival in China. The dough is then put int an oven for baking.

The TIF expo shows of machinery, robotics, automation systems, industrial supplies, garment and printing technology and other digital innovations.

This year, the expo focused on technologies that reduce physical contact among humans for adapting to the current coronavirus pandemic. There were also meetings and presentations by leading manufacturers.