Kitten found stuck under police van in Thailand


A hapless kitten was rescued after being found stuck under a police van in Thailand.

The moggie was heard crying by officers while travelling with three detainees to a court hearing in Ang Thong province on April 8.

When the van arrived at their destination, Police Senior Sergeant Major Naraphitak Seesirilek immediately inspected the vehicle to find the cat.

As the animal was tucked far inside the van, the officer had to drive to a nearby repair shop so that the mechanics could help him free the cat.

The vehicle was raised using a scissor jack so that they could easily find where the crying cat while trying to lure it out with a flashlight.

Soon after the cat emerged under the engine next to the rear wheel. One of the mechanics reached inside the wheel’s gap to pull the animal out.

They finally freed the two-months-old female feline who was fed and given fresh water before being taken to the police station.

Naraphitak said he and the other officers will take care of the cat at the station where it will be adopted and given a space to rest.

He said: ‘I decided to take the cat with me to the station. The other officers are cat lovers and would be happy to have a pet.

‘I don’t know how the cat entered the car but I am relieved it was not hurt and survived the journey under the car. We will take care of it now.’