Furious passenger yells at check-in staff following five-hour flight delay

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9p00m1iixpy3t3w/VRP23737.mp4?dl=0

A furious passenger yelled at check-in staff following a five-hour flight delay.

The pensioner was flying with Thai VietJet Air from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to Udon Thani in the northeast of Thailand on Saturday (April 3).

But the scheduled flight had been delayed for five hours when the irate man confronted the women working on the desk and began shouting at them.

They told him to calm down, which sent him into an airport rage. He’s heard saying in the video: ‘I’m not calm, because I’ve waited five hours already. You don’t have the right to tell me to calm down.┬áBecause you’re not in the same position as me, I’ve been waiting five hours, don’t tell me to calm down, don’t talk.’

Some passengers waited for the flight to take-off the next day while others rebooked tickets with other airlines.

Thai VietJet Air apologised for the delay. The company said in a statement: ‘Due to operational reasons, there were flight schedule changes and cancellations.

‘The airline fully assisted and cared for passengers affected by the incident in accordance with the requirements of various sectors involved in the provision of food and beverages to passengers.┬áPassengers were allowed to make flight changes free of charge, provide compensation and arrange accommodation for passengers if necessary.

‘The airline apologises for any inconvenience caused. ‘