King cobra jumps at pet dog coming just inches from biting its nose


This is the scary moment a pet dog had a near-miss with a wild cobra – which was just inches away from biting the pooch’s nose.

The curious Pomeranian named Sugar ran over to the plant pots after noticing the strange movement in the garden in Songkhla, southern Thailand, on February 17.

Unbeknown to the dog, there was a 12ft long deadly cobra powerful enough to kill humans with a single bite lurking among the flowers.

CCTV captured Sugar’s close call with the cobra, which sprang forward at her head coming just a hair’s breadth from inflicting a fatal bite. The pooch quickly jumped back with fright.

Owner Kobkul said: ‘I heard my dog barking loudly and panicking so I checked CCTV and saw what had happened. He was very close to being bitten by the snake.’