Spooky abandoned shopping mall designed like a medieval castle in Thailand

Video (drone): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vlqgmuaatcv47h/VRP23814.mp4?dl=0

Video (handheld): https://www.dropbox.com/s/rg3bbedgzzxxa1k/VRP23814_2.mp4?dl=0

Footage shows a spooky abandoned shopping mall designed like a medieval castle in rural Thailand.

The Castle Mall & Waterpark was the biggest entertainment centre in the region when it opened in 1995 in Kanchanaburi, western Thailand.

However, its reign was a short one. Fierce competition from large chains that opened in the area meant that the Castle Mall lost its magic appeal and by 2005 pulled up the drawbridge for the last time.

The once-bustling family entertainment centre has been empty ever since, slowly crumbling and being overrun with trees and bushes. Swimming pools in the grounds are full of algae-covered rainwater while the plastic slides have collapsed.

Inside the mall, lavish display cabinets have been smashed and the walls have been covered in graffiti. Few people other than drunks, vandals are troublemakers venture there.

There was a murder at the abandoned shopping mall in 2010 when a jealous husband from Bangkok arranged to meet his estranged wife, who had been having an affair with a tourist, at the secluded site before murdering her then killing himself.

Police briefly cordoned off the area during the investigation but it was later deserted. The case was put down as a murder suicide.

Local government authorities said the owner of the land had no plans to develop the area.