Heavy rain leads to bumper crop of wild frogs to eat in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zn1s7hs8h915907/VRP23898.mp4?dl=0

Heavy rains led to a bumper crop of wild frogs to eat in Thailand.

Banded bullfrogs and green frogs were abundant after thunderstorms battered several areas in Kamphaeng Petch province on April 7.

Locals began catching the protein-rich amphibians that gathered to mate and lay eggs in water-logged fields near their villages.

However, the supply is only expected to increase temporarily as there was an unusually large harvest of the frogs this year due to the storm.

The frog meat can be sold for up to 300 baht (9.56 USD) depending on their size. Frogs that are pregnant with eggs sell for the highest price as they are considered a delicacy in the Southeast Asian country.

Bullfrogs with creamy eggs can only be caught from mid-summer to rainy season each year. Thai people prepare a variety of dish using their meat including spicy paste using the eggs.