Rider crashes while doing a stunt on a bend

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hvsiedmwz3i0gc/VRP2398.mp4?dl=0

A motorcycle rider crashed as he tried to perform a trick while going round a tight bend.

In the video, the man was riding his racing bike along Mawab road in Davao City, the Philippines when he lost his balance and toppled on the ground on October 10.

Passing driver Josef Almasa said he was resting on the side when he saw some motorists doing stunts so he stayed and watched.

Josef said: ‘He was so lucky that he did not fall off the bridge. He may have been killed and hurt other motorists in the area.’

The motorist suffered scratches on the knees and arms with bruises so some of his colleagues took him to a clinic.