Thai man makes cool pickup truck from wood


A carpenter made a unique pickup truck with a wooden body in Thailand.

Footage shows the cool automobile being driven by its maker Somphon Pinyo, 58, around his garage in Phrae province on April 7.

To build the special car, Somphon used the engine from his old car and wood from a 100-year-old jackfruit tree in his backyard.

The carpenter had the idea when his car had broken down and he tried to fix the engine by himself. After successfully making the engine work, he then thought of building a custom exterior for it.

Somphon said he was excited when he made the engine work and was challenged to turn it into a wooden car by applying his woodworking skills.

He said: ‘I was so happy with the result. The car always draws attention whenever I drive it on the road. People have been asking me where they could buy one.’

Th car – which took almost a month to finish – has lead to several potential buyers contacting Somphon but the carpenter said he’s not interested in selling.

However, he said that he might produce more cars and even motorcycles with wooden exteriors for those who are interested.

He said: ‘I don’t want to sell this one. It is special to me and the prices they offered were not very impressive. Now I am thinking about expanding into the business of making custom wooden vehicles.’