Truck wheel comes loose before smashing into parked car


This is the shocking moment a truck wheel came loose before it smashed into a parked car.

Samroeng Kraisri, 43, was driving his 22-wheeler when one of the huge wheels on the vehicle’s rear snapped while making a turn in Trat, southern Thailand on April 8.

The rubber tyre then rolled over to the pavement before slamming into a black car around 50 metres away from the road.

The car’s owner Ithisak Bunhai, 29, was able to dodge the wheel before it hit the vehicle. No one was hurt but the wheel had left a dent on the side of the car.

Truck driver Samroeng said he did not know why the wheel came loose and only noticed it after it had smashed onto the car.

He said: ‘I was heading to Chanthaburi province and didn’t notice that the wheel was detached while I was going along the intersection.

‘I feel very sorry for the car owner and relieved that the wheel did not injure anyone. I will be helping him cover the bills for the damage.’

The police arrived at the scene to investigate but as no one was injured from the incident so they let the two parties settle the damage instead.

The truck driver Samroeng agreed to pay for the cost of repairing the dents on the car and apologised for the trouble.