Male African elephant leaves tourists in giggles with his bulging ‘fifth leg’


An African elephant left tourists in giggles with his ginormous ‘fifth leg’ dragging along the ground.

The male jumbo calmly walked over to the family while they were sitting in a safari jeep on holiday in the Tembe Elephant Park in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, on April 6.

Footage shows how the bull mysteriously appeared to have five legs. However, it was actually his manhood that had unfurled from its sheath and was scuffing along the dirt.

Father Japheth Haripersad recorded the elephant as it walked over to the vehicle and paused in front of the family staring directly at the camera.

He then spotted the elephant’s large penis, explaining how they had previously been confused by the extra limb.

He said: ‘The elephant was charging at us the last time we came. This time we kept quiet when it stood so close to us.’

The video was posted on social media app TikTok where millions of viewers noticed the bull’s swinging manhood. One user called it a ‘rare two trunked elephant’.

Another used nicknamed the elephant ‘Thumper’. While one viewer joked: ‘A sincere congratulations to the female elephants’.