Funny salesman attracts customers by comparing glue with broke relationship


A funny salesman attracted customers to watch him demonstrate his super glue product by comparing it with a broken relationship.

Roly Rodriguez Ferrer cut the strap of a slipper and fitted it back together with glue in Pangasinan province, the Philippines on September 11.

While showing how effective the glue was, Roly compares the slipper to a relationship, which caught the attention of the crowd.

He is heard saying in the video: ‘This glue is sticky and can fix a slipper in just ten seconds. Meanwhile, a relationship lasts ten years but still separates.’

Onlooker Joniza Carganillo Canillas said they saw the man peddling the product while hanging out at a friend’s house.

She said: ‘He was very good at selling so we all watched before buying his product. I even bought 10 packets.’