Aggressive monitor lizard falls through family’s bathroom ceiling


A woman was shocked after a wild monitor lizard fell through her bathroom ceiling.

Nou Maneevong said he heard loud noises coming from the toilet in her apartment block in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 6.

She opened the door and noticed the huge reptile on the floor. It appeared to have fallen through the ceiling above, which was damaged.

Nou called the emergency services and two firemen arrived to catch the monitor lizard.

She said: ‘I heard a loud noise, it was so loud. I opened the bathroom door to see what happened and I thought it was a crocodile that fell through the ceiling. It was so chunky, I knew it fell from the ceiling of the bathroom.’

Asian water monitor lizards live in canals and ponds in large cities in Thailand where they feed on fish, snakes, frogs and scraps of food left by humans. They are aggressive when threatened and have a mildly venomous bite which sometimes carries harmful bacteria.