Birthday cake catches fire while being served at party in restaurant


This is the shocking moment a birthday cake caught fire while it was being served at a party.

Footage shows a frantic waiter trying to put out the fire as amused party-goers watched as a sparkler ignited the sugar pastry flowers and the cake become engulfed in flames in Beirut, Lebanon.

The waiter removed the sparklers one by one hoping to put out the fire but the blaze quickly spread across the dessert so he had to take the cake to an empty table instead.

When the fire weakened, he then rushed the toasted cake back into the kitchen where it was doused with water and threw in the bin.

Birthday girl Wissal Salameh said she was confused about what to do when the cake caught fire but she was not hurt as the quick-thinking waiter acted immediately.

She said: ‘I was about to blow out the sparklers on the cake and my friends were singing me a song. When it happened I did not know what to do. Thankfully the waiter was alert.’

Wissal added that her friends organised the party for her at the restaurant but they did not have any candles so the waiters added the sparklers.

The birthday girl’s mother recorded the amusing scene and posted the video of the incident online on April 4.

Wissal said: ‘My friends organised the surprise birthday party for me as it was also my senior year graduation in high school. When it was time to cut the cake, we did not have candles so the restaurant added the sparklers.

‘They do this for every guest celebrating their birthdays but this time the sparkler was tilted a bit so the flowers caught fire.

‘I was scared at first that my hair would burn too but thankfully we were all safe. I was laughing and found it very funny. After the party I was a bit sad that I was not able to take a proper photo of the cake.

‘But my friends captured everything on video so I will always be able to look back on this unforgettable day.’

No one was hurt from the incident and the party continued after the birthday cake fail.