Myanmar eerily quiet on first day of Buddhist new year


Myanmar was eerily quiet today (Tue) on the normally celebratory first day of Buddhist new year after months of violence. 

Hundreds of thousands of people would normally taking part in street parties and water fights on April 13 to mark the occasion.

However, footage from the former capital Yangon shows how roads are deserted apart from people travelling in cars. 

The resident who recorded the video said: ‘Today is the first day of the Myanmar New Year that is usually celebrated for four days. As blood of those who perished in the fight for freedom and democracy has not dried on the streets, people have chosen not to celebrate New Year.

‘The streets of Yangon have gone quiet and a few ‘resistance pots’ are on the roadside along Inya Street. The pot, which is called ‘Ata Oh’ in Burmese, is kept at every household to welcome the celestial deity believed to descend upon earth during the New Year period. This year Ata Oh takes up new meaning and people are using them to show their resistance against the military.’

The Burmese army seized power with a military coup on February 1 before launching brutal crackdowns across the country. The death toll has reached more than 700, with fears it could continue to climb in the coming weeks.