Cambodian schoolgirl, 10, electrocuted by iPhone after watching movies while it was charging

A schoolgirl was found dead after being electrocuted by an iPhone 5 that she was watching movies on while it was charging.

Kheng Kana, 10, is believed to have fallen asleep while using the mobile device, which was laying on her chest, inside the family home in Kratie province, Cambodia on April 11 afternoon.

The smartphone was connected to a charger which was plugged into an extension cord as the movie continued to play. Police believe that around an hour later the battery exploded and she was electrocuted.

Kheng was found around 20 minutes after the explosion when a neighbour visited the house and called the girl’s parents for help.

Her distraught father rushed to check on her and immediately unplugged the extension before calling the emergency services.

The girl remained unresponsive with visible burn wounds on her chest where the phone had been. Paramedics tried to revive the girl but she was already dead when they arrived at the wooden home.

Kheng’s father Muysong said that he was working in the back garden when the accident happened. He said that he had checked on his daughter a couple of hours before the neighbour found her and she had been watching movies.

He said: ‘She loved playing games and watching movies on her phone. She was proud because she had a smartphone and lots of her friends don’t. I wish I had checked the cables more carefully so that she could still be here.’

Police officers also went to the scene to investigate and took the girl’s body to a hospital for a post-mortem examination.

Kratie City Deputy Police Chief Major Kong Sotha said they are now waiting for the autopsy report to be released.

He said: ‘We will be waiting for the autopsy report from the hospital but the girl may have died from electrocution based on her wounds.

‘The extension cord used where the phone was plugged was substandard which may have contributed to triggering the battery explosion.’

The family is now arranging a funeral and cremation ceremony for the girl while the investigations are ongoing.