Brave snake wrangler catches huge python curled up in roof


A brave snake wrangler caught a huge 12ft-long python curled up on the roof of an old woman’s house in Thailand.

Footage shows the aggressive snake twisted around the rescuer’s arm as she tried to pull it off the wall in Ang Thong province on April 12.

The giant reptile climbed up the 16ft-high structure to reach the opening between the wall and the roof so it could enter the house.

It is believed to have been hunting for the pet cat of an old woman who lived alone in the wooden stilt house.

House owner Buajan Phet, 84, called the rescue team after finding the giant reptile trying to enter their home as her terrified cat cried at the snake.

Buajan said she was used to seeing snakes around but the python that tried to eat her snake was the biggest she had seen.

She said: ‘This snake was very big. It could have eaten my pet cat if I had not seen it. I heard my cat crying so I went to have a look and saw the snake was trying to squeeze between the roof.’

A brave team member clambered up the bamboo ladder to reach the defiant snake which was still trying to get inside the house.

The snake resisted and tried to tighten around the rescuer’s arm but the volunteer remained calm until she was able to pull the reptile’s body off the space.

She then dragged it down until it fell on the ground where the other rescue team members were waiting. The snake hissed and attempted to attack but it was eventually secured inside a sack.

Four rescuers had to help each other carry the snake because of its size before driving away with it to release it back into the wild.

The grateful old woman said she will have the holes in her house repaired to keep them safe against wild animals in the future.

She said: ‘I will have the openings repaired so snakes could not get inside my house. The python was too big so it did not fit easily that time but smaller snakes could surely enter.’