Elderly American woman, 73, SPITS at hotel staff for ‘playing music too loudly’

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wu2ii7r70f2c8gi/VRP24680.mp4?dl=0

This is the shocking moment an American pensioner SPAT at waiters after complaining that music was being played too loud.

The elderly American woman, named only as Nina, 73, was furious when pop music was playing in the restaurant area of the seafront apartment block in Rayong, eastern Thailand, on April 9.

She angrily demanded staff to change the song to ‘acoustic, folk or bossa nova’ before spitting directly in the face of one of the staff – ignoring hygiene concerns about the pandemic.

Nina, whose surname is not known, then ignored a Covid-19 ban on using the swimming pool and jumped into the jacuzzi before splashing water at one of the workers.

Bizarrely, she started dancing during the rant before leaving the pool and heading back to her upmarket room in the seaside resort.

Horrified staff recorded the outburst and accused Nina of risking their health by spitting at them.

One of the girls who works at the venue and recorded the outburst said: ‘The old lady is American but she’s the rudest person we have ever met. She never stops complaining. Sometimes she shouts about the food and this day she was angry about the music.

‘We play soft music in the afternoon then after 4pm we have pop, hip-hop or jazz. She said we were playing the wrong music, that it was too loud and wanted to turn it down. She said now was the time to play the softer acoustic music, folk or bossa nova . We weren’t playing it loud as we know that’s not allowed. We still turned it down for her but she was angry and spat at us.’

Staff said that Nina has been living in Thailand for around 40 years, speaks the local language fluently and claims she was married to a high-ranking politician.

They said that Nina had previously complained about the quality of burgers, demanded replacement food and nit-picked about prices on the menu and discounts for deliveries not being applied to dine-in meals.

Apartment staff called police following the confrontation and two officers visited her room. Nina then began yelling at the policemen demanding to know their names, numbers and details of their boss.

Police mediated with the fiery pensioner and told her to call the local station in the future if she had a problem instead of dealing with the issues herself. They said no further action was taken against her.