Barber gives bizarre hair cuts in the middle of canal in Thailand


A barber cuts has started cutting customers’ hair while they sit in a refreshing canal in Thailand.

Narongrit Phanbuppha had the unique idea of setting up his shop close to nature – in the middle of a flowing irrigation stream in Kanchanaburi province.

He takes a steel bench as well as a cordless electric razor and comb so he can shave the barnets while seated along Ban Dong Yan Canal together.

Due to salon’s unique natural theme, several people from around the province wanted to try his services so he had to take reservations in advance.

The hairstylist said the trees and cool water in the area made it a great place for a relaxing haircut.

He said: ‘My customers can enjoy nature while having their hair cut. The trees and cool water make it a great place for a relaxing service.’

After the hair cut customers can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and stay in the area longer.

Aside from being a hairdresser, Narongrit also works as an assistant photographer and only cuts hair whenever he has spare time.

He said: ’There were many people contacting me wanting to get their hair cut but I only have limited time because I have another job.’

Customers can reserve a relaxing haircut in the canal for only 60 baht (1.92USD).