London style cabs collect shoppers in Bangkok, Thailand


A taxi service in Thailand offers commuters unique rides in London-inspired cabs.

The sophisticated royal blue cars take customers home from the shopping malls across the capital Bangkok.

Footage shows the vehicles lined up outside the upmarket Emporium shopping centre while collecting shoppers on Friday (May 7).

The vehicles have been designed to mimic the iconic look of London’s black cabs. They include a partition between the passengers and driver with an intercom for them to communicate.

Additional features include wheelchair-accessible space with five leather seats, USB charging stations, free WiFi, internal CCTV, an SOS emergency button and a GPS tracker.

Aside from their iconic colour and appearance – distinguishing them from other Thai taxis usually in shades of green, yellow, and orange – the London-inspired cabs have a VIP registration plate.

Asia Cab Co, the company behind the taxis, first rolled out 30 of the vehicles in September last year as part of a pilot program.

They have since increased the vehicles after partnering with Chinese car manufacturer Geely.

Its CEO Somsak Dararattanarojna said all the taxis were all Thai-made on the capital’s outskirts.

He said: ‘We are proud that the taxis were all made here on the outskirts of Bangkok. The design was inspired by classic London cabs.’

Premium fares start at 60 baht (1.93 USD) for the first kilometre and six baht (0.19 USD) for every kilometre after.