Shopper shows gazelle-like reflexes to leap away from out-of-control car hurtling towards him


This is the dramatic moment a quick-thinking shopper leapt out of the way of an out-of-control car hurtling towards him.

Phatchai Wuttisan, 28, and his wife parked their white saloon outside a shop in Trat, southern Thailand, on Wednesday afternoon (April 14) moments before the accident.

CCTV footage shows how seconds later the speeding Lexus LX 470 careered off a nearby road and came skidding across the gravel car park.

Phatchai heard the screeching of brakes before springing like a startled gazelle out of the path of the car – displaying epic reflexes and quick reactions to save his life.

The Lexus smashed into his car as both vehicles were pushed several yards across the shopfront before hitting a wall.

Miraculously, both Phatchai and the driver of the crashed car were unharmed. The motorist climbed from the wreckage and was treated at the scene for minor cuts before being taken to hospital for a check up.

Relieved Phatchai said: ‘It’s so scary to think how close we were to being killed. If it had happened a few seconds earlier while we were both in the car, we would have been hurt. Or if my wife had walked out at the same time as me she would have been killed. I am sure there was a guardian angel watching me. We are very lucky but also I’m annoyed at the damage to my car.’

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sitthichai Saisorn from the Ao Cho district police station said the driver of the crashed car had been interviewed and they were investigating the case.

He said: ‘The CCTV footage from the shop is useful but we have to understand what caused the crash. There was a lot of damage so the insurance companies are involved now. The driver said he just lost control of the steering wheel but it seems like he was travelling too fast. We will investigate and proceed according to the law.’