Cafe has mini zoo inside for customers to play with the animals


A Thai cafe has a mini-zoo inside where customers can interact with the animals.

Footage shows the inside of the BlueGold Mini-zoo Cafe with spacious enclosures for animals next to coffee tables in Bangkok on March 10.

Aside from the animal attraction, the cafe serves a special coffee brew that consists of partially digested beans that have been eaten and defecated by an Asian palm civet.

Customers are also free to watch and feed the colourful parrots and other bird species of different sizes inside a massive golden cage.

To make sure that the animals would only receive healthy food from people, grains could be ordered together with desserts and coffee at the bar.

Outside, a mini-walking zoo could be found where the bigger animals were kept. Monkeys, foxes, camels, and horses have their own wooden enclosures at the back of the cafe painted with bright colours.

The coffee shop farms its own coffee beans in a plantation in Nakhon Phanom province.