Street food stalls sell grilled baby stingray in Thailand


Footage shows how grilled baby stingrays can be ordered from street food carts in Thailand.

The dried seafood snacks are placed between barbecue grills to keep them flat while they are cooked over hot coals alongside traffic in Bangkok.

After grilling the stringrays, the vendor cuts them into smaller bite-sized pieces using scissors. Customers then enjoy the sweet and salty roadside snack by dipping it into a spicy hot vinegar sauce with herbs and chilis.

Stall owner Ekachai said: ‘I’ve been selling stingray snacks for about five years. I buy them from a fresh market in the city then cook them as soon as someone orders. They’re tasty and people like them, especially with sauce.’

Stingrays are ocean creatures that have broad fins which run the full length of their bodies, giving them a flat, roundish shape.

Stingray recipes can be found in many coastal areas worldwide and are often regarded as delicacies in some Southeast Asian countries.