Snake slithers between legs of woman sitting outside shop


This is the terrifying moment a snake crept up on a woman who was sitting outside a grocery store in northern Thailand.

The CCTV footage from a shop in Nakhon Sawan province shows Waraphon Klisri, 25, resting on the floor with a dog outside a shop on April 16.

She was unaware that a wild snake was slithering behind her until it appeared between her legs.

Waraphon leapt up in fright as the reptile reared its head and lunged at her.

Shop staff rushed outside when they heard Waraphon scream and checked the snake, which they identified as an Indochinese rat snake which is not harmful to humans.

Waraphon said: ‘I’ve never had such a fright in my whole life. My heart was pounding. I don’t like snakes, so seeing one between my legs was scary.

‘I’m relieved it was not a venomous snake. It would have been much worse if it was a cobra.’

Locals chased the snake away and it disappeared into a nearby field unharmed.