Four cats rescued from burning house in Thailand


Brave firefighters battled to save four cats from a burning house in Thailand.

Footage shows one of the rescued cats refusing to let go as it was tucked in the arms of the fire volunteer who saved it in Tak province on April 14.

The pet moggies were trapped inside the old house which caught fire after a loud explosion was heard coming from one of the bedrooms.

As most of the house furniture was mostly made from wood including the floorboards, the blaze quickly spread in a few minutes making it too dangerous for the pet owner to retrieve the cats.

Pet owner Suphon Pholdee, 29, said he tried to rescue the cats while waiting for the emergency services to arrive but the smoke was too thick and the fire engulfed most of the passageways inside.

He said: ‘I was panicking, I did not know what to do. We made sure everyone was out. I guided my 81-year-old grandma out of the house but when we were about to return for the cats the fire was already big.’

The brave volunteers wore their safety suits and rushed inside the burning structure to search for the cats as their colleagues douse the building with water.

The frantic moggies were found soon after as they shouted and cried on a portion of the building that had not been reached by the fire yet.

The cats were returned to the owner after they were checked for injuries. The moggies and the residents were not seriously hurt although paramedics had to give them first aid treatment for inhaling smoke.

Seven fire trucks responded to the area and the fire was declared out after more than an hour.