Romantic boyfriend makes surprise marriage proposal to girlfriend while she live sells clothes on Facebook


A romantic boyfriend made a surprise marriage proposal to her girlfriend while she was live selling clothes on Facebook.

Josephous Ramas, 28, pretended to play a ‘what’s in the box’ game with girlfriend Rienz Crystal Viernes, 26, that was supposed to be a raffle giveaway to their viewers.

However, his girlfriend was surprised when they opened the box and she found an engagement ring inside during the stunt at their home in Las Pinas City, the Philippines on April 5.

The girlfriend said: ‘We were in a long distance relationship because I lived in the province and he was in Manila. He visited me here and stayed to help me with my business.

‘I did not have any clue about the proposal. He even asked my sister for help so that it would be successful. It was very romantic and unique.’

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