Bizarre jet ski motorcycle baffles drivers in Thailand


A bizarre jet ski motorcycle baffled drivers after it was seen cruising along a road in Thailand.

Footage shows the customized two-wheeler with a white jet ski exterior travelling along a highway in Chonburi province on April 15.

Motorist Anurak Kriengkraisuklerd, 30, was amused when he and his colleagues chanced upon the rider while travelling to work.

Anurak said he was confused how the jet ski was able to move on asphalt and then saw it was combined with a motorcycle body and engine.

He said: ‘We were driving to work when we saw the strange vehicle nearby. We were confused how the jet ski was able to drive on land but as we moved closer to it, we realised it was attached to a motorcycle.’

The paramedic jokingly added that the rider may have suffered during previous floods so he built a vehicle that could both be driven on water and on land.

He said: ‘Maybe when the city suffered from a massive flood before, he became tired of it so he needed an adaptable vehicle to take him everywhere.’

However, other drivers who saw the custom vehicle said that the police should charge the rider as he was violating traffic laws.

The local police have not taken any action against the jet ski motorcycle which is believed to belong to someone who lives in the area.