Thai man found dead after suffering electric shock while ‘charging smartphone’


A Thai worker was found dead after suffering an electric shock while lying on his bed and charging his smartphone.

Wuttinan Monkhuntod, 36, was discovered next to a phone plugged into an extension cable in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, on April 17.

The room smelled of burning objects when his girlfriend Auraphin Thong-aom, 28, arrived at their apartment after work.

The frantic woman checked on her boyfriend after noticing he had not been moving while his left hand touched the charger of the phone. She then unplugged the extension and immediately called the rescuers for help.

However when the paramedics arrived they could no longer revive the man as he was estimated to be dead for at least eight hours before he was discovered.

Devastated girlfriend Auraphin said the smell of something was strong when she first arrived and thought her boyfriend was only cooking but he was unresponsive.

She said: ‘I was calling him but he did not answer. I started to worry when I noticed he was not moving at all. I checked on him. His body was stiff and fuming with a strange odour of burnt flesh.’

The police arrived at the couple’s apartment to investigate and took pictures of the crime scene before sending the body to the hospital for a post-mortem examination.

Police Major Uthit Pharatsadon said there was no evidence of physical assault on Wuttinan’s body or any signs of forced entry into the apartment so they believe he had been electrocuted.

He said: ‘His death was caused by an electric shock. Wuttinan was sleeping with the phone on his side.

‘He may have unconsciously placed his hand too close to the charger while sleeping which caused the electric shock.’

Police said that an autopsy report from the hospital showed that Wuttinan had died from an electric shock. His family have already held a funeral for him.