Cobra caught in shocked mother’s bedroom in Thailand


A mother was shocked after finding a deadly cobra hiding inside their bedroom in eastern Thailand.

Von Van, 35, went into the bedroom with her daughter to change clothes after showering in Chonburi province on April 14.

However as the women reached for the cabinet the black venomous snake appeared and tried to lunge at them so they shouted for help.

The mother’s husband Boonsong Srimongkol, 42, rushed to the room and helped his family escape before calling the animal rescuers for help.

When the rescuers arrived, they searched for the one-metre long reptile and found it hiding under a clothes rack so they took the garments one by one out of the room.

When the area was cleared, the snake tried to hide inside a box but it was later caught by the team using a pole and flashlight.

The snake appeared to be ready to attack while trying to look for a way out but it was eventually secured by the volunteers and taken out of the property.

Terrified mother Von said it was very hot that day so and her daughter took evening showers but they saw the snake inside the bedroom while changing.

She said: ‘It was very hot that day and my daughter decided to take a shower before me but we were surprised by the cobra.

‘It was very aggressive and was hissing at us all the time. I shouted at my husband to call the rescuers and he came to take us out of the room.’

She added that the snake may have entered when they left their door opened during day time so that the cool breeze would get inside.

Von said: ‘We used to keep the door opened during the daytime for air. The cobra probably sneaked inside while looking for food.’