Thai dancers perform traditional show for their countrymen in Portugal struggling with Covid-19


Thai dancers performed a traditional routine that was broadcast at the The Royal Thai Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 19.

The elegant performance was shown to thousands of Thais living abroad and struggling through the Covid-19 pandemic, which has prevented them from celebrating the annual Songkran New Year.

Ten dancers from Khon Kaen province performed the show in colourful silk dresses. They hoped to give upliftment for their countrymen facing difficulties.

Dancer Jakraphong Petchsaen said: ‘We used to travel to many countries but now we remain in only our homeland.

‘However, the embassy contacted us to perform for the people who have to stay in Portugal.

‘Thai people who live abroad have missed their home during the pandemic but they can at least see something that remindss them of their homeland in our performance.’