Bird drops fish into path of oncoming truck in North Carolina


A truck driver was shocked when a fish fell from the sky and slammed into his windscreen in North Carolina.

Dashcam footage shows the creature hitting the vehicle as it approached a bridge over Randleman lake in Charlotte City on April 14.

Before the incident, a hapless bird was seen struggling to fly while carrying the huge catch it just plucked from the water.

The bird eventually lost its grip after the fish tried to wriggle to freedom. However, when the fish did finally escape it fell straight into the path of the oncoming haulage lorry.

The driver who worked for trucking company Ward Transport said he was startled but he was able to remain calm even after the surprising incident.

He said: ‘When driving a truck, you must be prepared for anything. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident and I was the only vehicle in the area that time.’

The truck was also not damaged although the fish had left streaks of slime and blood on the windscreen. Owners Ward Transport said their driver was stunned by the unusual incident but carried on with his work.

The fish was believed to be a black crappie, a freshwater fish that’s quite common in the US which are mostly found in the northern part of the country.