Hapless monitor lizard rescued getting stuck between two walls

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlyc1shzs8rapez/VRP26049.mp4?dl=0

A hapless monitor lizard was rescued after getting stuck in the narrow space between two walls of an apartment in Thailand.

The two-feet long reptile was searching for food when it crawled up the ceiling of a female athlete’s room in Samut Pran province on April 20.

The woman heard a rustling sound overhead and feared that a snake may have wandered on the ceiling as it was a suitable space for a nest.

She called the rescuers to check but instead of a snake they found a lizard that had fallen into the cramped space between the walls from the hole in the ceiling.

The team used a pole and rope to reach through the hole until they were able to hook its neck and pull the animal out. They placed a cloth around the reptile’s head to prevent it from panicking and took it out of the ceiling into the yard.

One of the rescuers said the lizard appeared scared and was struggling while they carried it with them but they were able to safely reach the yard.

He said: ‘It tried to resist while being carried so we had to tie its body upon reaching the yard. It will then be released into the wild as it was unhurt.’