Food seller wears Spider-Man costume to sell roadside snacks


A clothes shop owner who lost his job his due to Covid-19 dressed as Spider-Man to sell snacks on the roadside in northeastern Thailand.

Chonthiwat Prathumthong, 40, packed his belongings in Bangkok and returned to his hometown in Roi-Et to sell dried fish.

He used to make between 600 and 1,000 baht a day but still needed more in order to support his family and decided to employ his own sales gimmick.

The superhero costume helped increase his incomes to 3,000-4,000 baht a day as many people wanted to have an opportunity to take pictures with the beloved superhero.

Chonthiwat said: ‘I used to sell children’s clothes in a shopping mall in Bangkok for 10 years but the pandemic forced me to return home in January.

‘In March, my neighbours ordered dried fish from Pattani in the southern region and followed their steps. I picked an intersection in the city as my selling location where many people gathered.

‘I want my story to inspire people who suffered a financial crisis during the pandemic that there is still hope. We need to return to our home, search for any job that we can do and remain patient and diligent.’