Austrian man, 58, plunges to his death from balcony after row with gay lover in Thailand

A 58-year-old Austrian man plunged to his death after a row with his gay lover in Thailand.

Johann Benz Wein allegedly jumped over the eighth-floor balcony of a condominium in Pattaya on January 8 evening.

His boyfriend, Somphoth Chanthavong, 34, from Laos, claimed he and his partner had been drinking at a bar before returning home drunk.

When the gay couple had arrived at their unit, they allegedly started fighting which made Johann upset. Somphoth claimed he then threatened to jump from the balcony.

Somphoth from Laos said: ‘He became suicidal while we were fighting and ran up to the balcony. He told me he would jump.’

He added that he tried to pull him away from the balcony but he couldn’t as his boyfriend was too strong.

Somphoth said: ‘He had suicidal thoughts and has told me three times that he wanted to kill himself but I never thought he would really do it.’

Police officers arrived at the scene to investigate and took Somphoth to the police station for questioning.

Meanwhile, the body was sent to the hospital for a post-mortem examination while investigations are ongoing.

A incident report from Pattaya Police station said that both men had been drinking all afternoon and that ‘the victim was heavily intoxicated’. The two had in an argument which allegedly became ‘heated’.

Lieutenant Colonel Sombat Kaew said: ‘There are no cameras that show exactly what happened, so the account from the boyfriend is all the evidence we have at the moment. That will form the case.’