Family shocked after finding nest of bees in their wardrobe


A family was shocked after finding a huge nest of bees inside their wardrobe.

House owner Phongsak Thaewpa, 37, first saw the bees flying around the second floor of his house after heavy rain in in Phetchabun province, Thailand on April 18.

The insects rested on the wardrobe for about half an hour before leaving only to bring in more bees into the house later that day.

After two days on April 20, the entire bee colony appeared to have settled into the wardrobe and treated it as their new home.

Phongsak said the insects’ nest may have been damaged during the storm and were looking for a new home to transfer to.

He said: ‘Their original beehive might have been destroyed by thunder during the storm so the insects had to find another place to live.

‘They picked the wooden wardrobe of my late mother. I just let them use it because the closet was vacant anyway.’

The house owner decided to let the swarm stay inside the wardrobe as they were not aggressive and did not cause any problems so far.

Giant honey bees are the biggest among the bee species measuring up to two centimetres. They are typically aggressive with stings that can be extremely painful but could also provide honey with one of the best qualities.