Police rail illegal gambling den flouting Covid-19 restrictions in Thailand

This is the dramatic moment police raided an illegal gambling den flouting Covid-19 restrictions in Thailand.

Worried neighbours called police about the makeshift casino operating out of two rooms of an apartment block in Pattaya, Thailand.

Police stormed into the Espana Condominium & Resort in the early hours of Saturday morning (Jan 9) and arrested those inside.

There were 14 Chinese gamblers, five Thais, a Singaporean, and a Cambodian all playing poker. Several of them were found to have visa overstay violations or to have entered the country illegally.

They were all held in remanded in custody while officers identify the organiser of the gambling ring.

Police Lieutenant General Thiti Saeng said the raid was to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The police chief said: ‘The room was being rented by the day, so we have to investigate who else was involved. The people there had no fear of the law.

‘Evidence will be gathered to charge those involved with the The Gambling Act and The Communicable Disease Act.’

Health chiefs in Thailand rolled out sweeping new restrictions at the end of December to stop the second wave of Covid-19 infections in the country.

Travel between some provinces has been stopped while high-risk venues such as bars have been closed, while limits are in place at restaurants.

Thailand has recorded 10,298 Covid-19 cases and 67 deaths, as of January 11.