Thai airport cleaned amid killer resurgence in Covid-19 infections


An airport was intensively cleaned amid the resurgence of Covid-19 infections in Thailand which had killed 39 people in the last week.

Footage shows workers operating disinfecting machines in baggage conveyor belts of arriving passengers in Khon Kaen Airport today (April 26).

All of the surfaces, counters, and waiting areas inside the building are being sanitised every two hours to avoid the transmission of virus.

Workers remind passengers to keep social distancing while a machine was used to check their temperatures with their boarding information so the airport could keep a possible timeline of infection.

Khon Kaen airport director Lieutenant Colonel Athaya Lapmak said the measures were imposed to make sure that the facility remains Covid-19 free.

He said: ‘We spray disinfectant constantly and at 8:30 pm every day the airport undergoes a general cleaning to keep every area Covid-19 free.

‘Every procedure is done according to the Public Health Ministry’s preventive measures such as screening visitors with thermal scanners.’

Thailand has seen record Covid-19 cases in recent weeks following an outbreak in the capital Bangkok linked to nightclubs and coyote bars, which were visited by politicians, diplomats and leading business figures.

Ministers have now introduced 20,000 baht (456 GBP) fines for not wearing a mask outdoors and closed a swathe of business – but not shopping malls and restaurants.

The country recorded 2,048 new cases on Monday (April 26) and eight deaths, taking the total number of infections recording since the pandemic began to 57,508 with 125 deaths as of April 24.